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The creation of the Monastery visitor route back to 2013 following participation in the ERDF 2007-2013, ASSE 3 – Operational Objective 3.1.2. Aa (CUP n. G5B11000110007), in order to respond to the increasing demand from citizens and tourists to visit and learn about the history of the monastery and the frescoes of the church of San Benedetto.

The itinerary has been designed to reconcile the need to make the site, which is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites for the Baroque of Val di Noto, accessible with the needs of the Benedictine monastic community, which still lives in the monastery in accordance with the cloistered rule.

The tour

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The visit was enriched by the discovery of the remains of a Roman domus. Today, visitors who embark on their journey to discover the monastery of San Benedetto do so by walking on a glass walkway under which they can distinguish the various rooms of the small domus, evidence of the thousand-year history of the city of Catania.